Poisson Surface Reconstruction for VTK

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This document presents an implementation of the Poisson surface reconstruction algorithm in the VTK framework. (This code was, with permission, adapted directly from the original implementation by Kazhdan, Bolitho, and Hugues. The original implementation can be found here http://www.cs.jhu.edu/~misha/Code/IsoOctree/). We present a class, vtkPoissonReconstruction, which produces a surface from an oriented point set. A Paraview plugin interface is provided to allow extremely easy experimentation with the new functionality. We propose these classes as an addition to the Visualization Toolkit.
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This paper describes a simple and useful tool aimed at surface reconstruction from points and normals. It is based on a well-known paper by Kazhdan and others. This is the VTK implementation of the method described in the paper.

Open Science:

The software is open-source and available online (https://github.com/daviddoria/PoissonReconstruction). Images and data don't really apply as the method in itself isn't new, only the implementation is.


I succesfully used the code intensively for work on surface registration. I found that it works very well and is very useful. It is also pretty easy to modify.

Open source Contributions:

The code is in good form and easy to build. It took approximately five minutes to start using it.


This work is useful to anyone who works with surfaces with VTK. I can be applied to a wide range of topics.

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Dosnt work with parallel use....launching 2 or more thread doing this result in a crash

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Categories: Mesh, PointSet
Keywords: Surface reconstruction, reconstruction, mesh
Toolkits: VTK
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