Boolean Operations on Surfaces for VTK

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This document describes an implementation of a filter to perform Boolean operations between surfaces. The filter requires the GNU Triangulated Surface Library GTS to perform the operations. This document is accompanied with the source code, and the xml files necessary to create a paraview plugin.
plus Automatic Testing Results by Insight-Journal Dashboard on Mon Mar 7 17:31:29 2011 for revision #1
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minus A valuable addition to vtk by Bill Lorensen on 2010-10-04 16:13:35 for revision #3
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Open Science:

The source code was available.


I dowloaded the code, compiled it and ran it. Everthing worked without modification on Fedora 13.


Open source Contributions:

The code was easily dowloaded. I was able to use it in minutes.


Code Quality :

The code was easy to read although it does not conform to vtk style. This is easily fixed. Looks like it will build on multiple platforms althug I only verified it on linux (Fedora 13)



This capability has been asled for many times on the vtk users list.


Free comment :

The only limitation is that it uses the GNU Triangulated Surface Library GTS. GTS is LGPL'ed which is not campatible with vtk's license. This means that this contribution cannot be included with the vtk distirbution. However, it does fill a void in vtk functionality. Caveat emptor.. if you have no issues with LGPL, then enjoy a grat contribution.

lLso, there may be other GTS functionality that could be implemented in a similar manner. The author provides a gts import/export mechanism that could eventually be included in a base class that other algorithms could use.


minus Excellent addition by David Doria on 2010-04-30 09:59:58 for revision #3
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The authors have provided a very simple to use wrapper for the boolean operations provided by the GTS library.





Open Science:

Yes, the code is available. The input is produced by VTK sources, and the output is produced by the code.


Download? yes

Compiled? yes

Ran? yes

Same results? yes

Information missing? no

Improvements? none

Use of Open Source Software:


Open source Contributions:

Yes! This was extremely easy to use. It took no time at all to figure out, the only parameter is very easy to set with the SetMode function. The input/output are in the typical VTK pipeline framework.

Code Quality :

The code is easy to read and written in a nice style. I have only tested on Linux gcc 4.4.1.

Quality of the data :

Input data is created by vtkSphereSource, so it is extremely easy to use.


Anyone dealing with mesh operations should definitely use this work.

Free comment :

This work has addressed a long standing question on the mailing list - well done!

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Categories: Data Representation, Mesh
Keywords: Surface, Triangulated, Boolean, Set
Toolkits: CMake, VTK
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