About the VTK Journal

The VTK Journal is a repository of documents, data, and source code which are relevant to the field of visualization, and the Visualization Toolkit (vtk.org) in particular. The VTK Journal is an open access journal, meaning that it supports the broader Open Science movement, in which the necessary information, data and methods are available to replicate and understand scientific (computational) experiments. The VTK Journal and other open access journals were created in response to the intellectual property boundaries found in conventional journals and supported by many researchers, that impede the free flow of information exchange necessary to the scientific method. (A more militant view of this can be found in the description of the Insight Journal).

Any individual is welcome to submit papers to, or review papers in the VTK Journal. However, reviews and submissions are not anonymous and all participants are expected to be fully accountable for their contributions. The contributions may consist of combinations of document, data, and/or source code. For example, if you are interested in publishing a new algorithm, a submission might consist of a brief paper combined with a test data set, and the source implementation and test program(s).

For more information, contact Kitware at kitware@kitware.com.
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