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Clustering Segmentation for VTK
No opinion
This document presents a VTK implementation of the algorithm described in "A clustering method for efficient segmentation of 3D laser data" by Klasing, Klaas Wollherr, Dirk, and Buss, Martin. The algorithm . The code is available [...]

Smart Nearest Neighbors
No opinion
This document presents an implementation of two algorithms, Voronoi Neighbors and Binary Space Partition (BSP) Neighbors. These algorithms find neighbors of a point in a point set that are somehow ``better'' than a ``K nearest neighbors'' or a ``all neighbors [...]

Hough Transform Plane Detector
This document presents a VTK wrapper of an extracted portion of ‘3DTK - The 3D Toolkit’ ( to enable a developer to find planes in 3D point cloud data.

Boolean Operations on Surfaces in VTK Without External Libraries
We have written a set of classes than enable computation of boolean operations on surface meshes using only VTK classes. In addition to being compatible with the VTK license, our contribution preserves surface mesh topology to the extent possible in boolean [...]

Grid voxelization with partial volume effects in VTK
We present a filter that voxelizes the volume of a 3D structured, unstructured, or rectilinear grid into a vtkImageData with partial volume effects. The partial grid volume occupying each voxel is computed exactly from the intersection of the grid volume and [...]

Uniform B-Splines for the VTK Imaging Pipeline
Uniform B-splines are used widely in image processing because they provide maximal smoothness compared to any other piecewise polynomial of the same degree and support. This paper describes VTK classes for performing two functions: image interpolation via [...]

Explicit Deformable Model in VTK
This document describes a set of classes that designs a generic explicit deformable model in VTK. The iterative mechanism is first introduced through an inheritance of the vtkPolyDataAlgorithm class. This vtkIterativePolyDataAlgorithm is then a base for an [...]

Entropy Image Filter
This paper describes an intensity image filter for computing the entropy of pixel values contained within a neighborhood centered at each input pixel. The output image contains the calculated entropy for each input pixel location. This paper is accompanied [...]

Visual Programming of VTK Pipelines in Simulink
We have created a wrapper package named SimVTK that allows VTK, and third-party classes derived from VTK classes, to be seamlessly integrated with MATLAB's Simulink interface. Our package generates a loadable Simulink module for each VTK class, which is then [...]

A VTK Interface for the Hokuyo UTM 30LX Laser Range Finder
No opinion
It is convenient to acquire data in a format which VTK can read directly. To enable this, we provide a wrapper of the Hokuyo UTM-30LX interface in a class vtkHokuyo. The code is currently hosted at This class only [...]

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