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The unique characteristics of the VTK Journal include:

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Using and Visualizing Projective Cameras in VTK
This document presents a set of classes (vtkPhysicalCamera, vtkImageCamera) to enable a camera and an image acquired by that camera to be visualized in a 3D scene. Two situations where one would want to visualize camaras with associated images are range data [...]

Point Set Surface Reconstruction for VTK
This document presents a set of classes (vtkPointSetSurfaceReconstruction, vtkVoxelizePolyData) to produce a surface from an oriented point set. These classes are implemented as VTK filters. A Paraview plugin interface is provided to allow extremely easy [...]

A Leica PTX Reader for VTK
Leica LiDAR scanners output points in the PTX file format. It is often useful to convert this format to a standard VTK point cloud or mesh format before processing. We propose a new class, vtkPTXReader, to provide this functionality.

A Wavefront OBJ Writer for VTK
The Wavefront OBJ format is a common file format for storing mesh data. It is convenient to be able to write VTK data structures out into this format, as the data can then be used in software that can read OBJ files.

A VTK-based, CUDA-optimized Non-Parametric Vessel Detection Method
We present a VTK-based implementation of our non-parametric vessel detection method that identifies vascular structures using a polar neighborhood profile. To accelerate the computationally intensive parts of the algorithm, we leverage the hardware [...]

RANSAC Plane Fitting for VTK
RANdom SAmple Concensus (RANSAC) is an iterative method to estimate parameters of a model. It assumes that their are inliers in the data which are well explained by the chosen model. We propose a new class for VTK, vtkRANSACPlane, which estimates the best [...]

Point Set Processing for VTK - Outlier Removal, Curvature Estimation, Normal Estimation, Normal Orientation
This document presents a set of classes (vtkPointSetOutlierRemoval, vtkPointSetNormalEstimation, vtkPointSetNormalOrientation, vtkPointSetCurvatureEstimation, vtkEuclideanMinimumSpanningTree, and vtkRiemannianGraphFilter) to enable several basic operations on [...]

A Synthetic LiDAR Scanner for VTK
In recent years, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) scanners have become more prevalent in the scientific community. They capture a "2.5-D" image of a scene by sending out thousands of laser pulses and using time-of-flight calculations to determine the [...]

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