Towards an open-source pipeline for patient-specific neurosurgery simulation
Surgery simulation is a technology based on interactive biomechanics as well as haptic and visual rendering for training novice surgeons. Another important component of a surgery simulator is the representation of a patient's anatomy in terms of simple [...]

Helper class for initializing the grid parameters of a BSpline deformable transform by using an image as reference
This document describes a simple helper class intended for making easy to initialize the grid parameters of a BSplineDeformableTranform. This paper is accompanied with the source code, input data, parameters and output data that we used for validating the [...]

Rotational Registration of Spherical Surfaces Represented as QuadEdge Meshes
This document describes a contribution to the Insight Toolkit intended to support the process of registering two Meshes. The methods included here are restricted to Meshes with a Spherical geometry and topology, and with scalar values associated to their [...]

Enabling ITK-based processing and 3D Slicer MRML scene management in ParaView
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This paper documents on-going work to facilitate ITK-based processing and 3D Slicer scene management in ParaView. We believe this will broaden the use of ParaView for high performance computing and visualization in the medical imaging research community. The [...]

Spherical Demons Registration of Spherical Surfaces
As demonstrated by the example videos accompanying this submission of the multiresolution implementation of Spherical Demons, the registration appears reasonable. However, we are still unable to replicate the warps from the stable and well verified [...]

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