Performance Benchmarking the Insight Toolkit
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This document describes a module for the Insight Toolkit (ITK) to assist in performance benchmarking and a suite of benchmarks for the toolkit. These resources provide metrics to quantify software computational performance. This is a pre-requisite to improve [...]

KWMeshVisu: A Mesh Visualization Tool for Shape Analysis
Many statistical shape analysis methods produce various types of data about the analyzed surfaces, such as p-value maps, distance maps, 3D difference vectors and local covariance matrices. This data is often too large and thus difficult to be properly [...]

Optimizing ITK’s Registration Methods for Multi-processor, Shared-Memory Systems
This document describes work-in-progress for refactoring ITK’s registration methods to exploit the parallel, computation power of multi-processor, shared-memory systems. Refactoring includes making the methods multi-threaded as well as optimizing the [...]

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