A Spline-Driven Image Slicer
In this article, a spline driven image slicer algorithm is presented. It is concretized through a vtkAlgorithm-inherited class that takes two inputs and gives two outputs. The first input is the volume from which the slice should reconstructed while the [...]

Explicit Deformable Model in VTK
This document describes a set of classes that designs a generic explicit deformable model in VTK. The iterative mechanism is first introduced through an inheritance of the vtkPolyDataAlgorithm class. This vtkIterativePolyDataAlgorithm is then a base for an [...]

A VTK Algorithm for the Computation of the Hausdorff Distance
The Hausdorff distance is a measure of the distance between sets of points. There are many advantages to using this metric compared to other similarity measures. This document describes a VTK class for computing the Hausdorff Distance between two sets of [...]

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