Richard Beare
Monash University

Publication Title
Appears in
Efficient implementation of kernel filtering 2007 MICCAI Open Science Workshop 5 starstarstarstarstar
Morphology with parabolic structuring elements 2008 January - June 4 starstarstarstarstar
Image mask adaptor for pixel order independent filters 2007 July - December 2 starstarstarstarstar
Grayscale morphological attribute operations 2007 July - December 1 starstarstarstarstar
ImageLinearIterator - WithIndex removed 2007 July - December 0 starstarstarstarstar
Including TIFF tags in the MetaDataDictionary 2010 January-June 1 starstarstarstarstar
Optimization of connected component labelling 2006 January - June 7 starstarstarstarstar
Finding regional extrema - methods and performance 2005 August - December 5 starstarstarstarstar
Improving performance of morphological reconstruction 2006 January - June 3 starstarstarstarstar
The watershed transform in ITK - discussion and new developments 2006 January - June 0 starstarstarstarstar
CITK - an architecture and examples of CUDA enabled ITK filters 2011 January-June 1 starstarstarstarstar
Simple directional gradients 2011 January-June 1 starstarstarstarstar
Histogram-based thresholding - some missing methods 2011 January-June 2 starstarstarstarstar
Some extra image logical operations 2007 January - June 1 starstarstarstarstar
Parallel algorithms for erosion and dilation of label images. 2013 January-December 2 starstarstarstarstar

Publication Title
Review Title
GoFigure and The Digital Fish Project: Open tools and open data for an imaging based approach to system biolgy Intersting overview, but no details of computational aspects starstarstarstarstar
MINC2.0 IO Support for ITK Review of MINC2 IO. starstarstarstarstar
Fast BlockMatching Registration with Entropy-based Similarity A good start, but more detail needed starstarstarstarstar

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