Martin Styner
University of North Carolina, Departments of Computer Science and Psychiatry

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Framework for the Statistical Shape Analysis of Brain Structures using SPHARM-PDM 2006 MICCAI Open Science Workshop 0 starstarstarstarstar

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Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Segmentation Using Statistical and Topological Atlases MS lesion segmentation via topologically constrained tissue classification starstarstarstarstar
Multiple Sclerosis Detection in Multispectral Magnetic Resonance Images with Principal Components Analysis. PCA based Local feature vector classification for MS lesion segmentation starstarstarstarstar
Digital Topology Efficient Connectivity based framework, close to ITK ready? starstarstarstarstar
Automatic MS Lesion Segmentation by Outlier Detection and Information Theoretic Region Partitioning Atlas based Outlier detection for MS lesion segmentation starstarstarstarstar
An Automatic Segmentation of T2-FLAIR Multiple Sclerosis Lesions MS lesion as detected hyper-intense T2-FLAIR regions with extensive, supportive preprocessing starstarstarstarstar
MS Lesion Segmentation based on Hidden Markov Chains Hidden Markov Chain Tissue Classification and outlier detection for MS segmentation starstarstarstarstar
3D Segmentation In The Clinic: A Grand Challenge II at MICCAI 2008 - MS Lesion Segmentation Vector image joint histogram based segmentation starstarstarstarstar
Automated MS-Lesion Segmentation by K-Nearest Neighbor Classification KNN tissue classification for MS lesion detection starstarstarstarstar
Automatic Segmentation of MS Lesions Using a Contextual Model for the MICCAI Grand Challenge ACM based MS lesion segmentation starstarstarstarstar
A robust Expectation-Maximization algorithm for Multiple Sclerosis lesion segmentation Robust EM for MS lesion segmentation via outlier detection starstarstarstarstar

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