Alexandre Gouaillard
Singapore Agency for Science Technology and Research

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Parameterization of discrete surfaces 2007 July - December 3 starstarstarstarstar
Microscopy Image Analysis: Blob Segmentation using Geodesic Active Contours 2009 January - June 0 starstarstarstarstar
Mutable Priority Queue Container 2008 January - June 5 starstarstarstarstar
GoFigure and The Digital Fish Project: Open tools and open data for an imaging based approach to system biolgy 2007 MICCAI Open Science Workshop 5 starstarstarstarstar
Surface Meshes Smoothing 2009 January - June 0 starstarstarstarstar
Exact Geometrical Predicate: Point in circle 2011 July-December 2 starstarstarstarstar
Level Set Segmentation: Active Contours without edge 2009 January - June 2 starstarstarstarstar
level set segmentation using coupled active surfaces 2009 January - June 0 starstarstarstarstar
ItkQuadEdgeMesh: A Discrete Orientable 2-Manifold Data Structure for Image Processing 2006 July - December 0 starstarstarstarstar
Walk In A Triangulation : Straight Walk 2012 January-December 2 starstarstarstarstar

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Review Title
Open Topology: A Toolkit for Brain Isosurface Correction handle starstarstarstarstar
Spherical Wavelet ITK Filter Definitly a must have feature starstarstarstarstar
Optimizing ITK’s Registration Methods for Multi-processor, Shared-Memory Systems great ground work - opens the way starstarstarstarstar
Rotational Registration of Spherical Surfaces Represented as QuadEdge Meshes working, very good addition, not latest version though starstarstarstarstar
ITK Mesh IO Framework An excellent IO framework for meshes, with implementations for reading and writing formats that were not previously supported in ITK starstarstarstarstar
An open, clinically-validated database of 3D+t cine-MR images of the left ventricle with associated manual and automated segmentation Open Database of Heart MRI datasets + segmented results starstarstarstarstar

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