Gaetan Lehmann

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Image projections along an axis 2006 January - June 7 starstarstarstarstar
Consolidated morphology 2006 July - December 2 starstarstarstarstar
Combining labeled images with ITK 2007 January - June 1 starstarstarstarstar
Label object representation and manipulation with ITK 2007 July - December 11 starstarstarstarstar
Deconvolution: infrastructure and reference algorithms 2010 July-December 1 starstarstarstarstar
Exponentiation Filters 2010 July-December 2 starstarstarstarstar
FFT based convolution 2010 January-June 3 starstarstarstarstar
Noise simulation 2010 January-June 3 starstarstarstarstar
Component tree: an efficient representation of grayscale connected components 2007 July - December 0 starstarstarstarstar
Efficient contour detection in binary and label images 2008 January - June 2 starstarstarstarstar
Binary morphological closing and opening image filters 2005 August - December 0 starstarstarstarstar
InvertIntensityImageFilter 2005 August - December 0 starstarstarstarstar
MorphologicalGradientImageFilter 2005 August - December 0 starstarstarstarstar
ModulusImageFilter 2005 August - December 3 starstarstarstarstar
MinimaImpositionImageFilter 2005 August - December 3 starstarstarstarstar
Label overlay 2006 January - June 0 starstarstarstarstar
Improving features and performance of binary erode and dilate filters 2006 January - June 0 starstarstarstarstar
WrapITK: Enhanced languages support for the Insight Toolkit 2006 January - June 4 starstarstarstarstar
Slice by slice filtering with ITK 2006 July - December 0 starstarstarstarstar
Robust Automatic Threshold Selection 2006 July - December 0 starstarstarstarstar
FFT Shift 2006 July - December 5 starstarstarstarstar
Kappa Sigma Clipping 2006 July - December 3 starstarstarstarstar
Efficient N-Dimensional surface estimation using Crofton formula and run-length encoding 2012 January-December 1 starstarstarstarstar
Tophap by area 2010 July-December 1 starstarstarstarstar

Publication Title
Review Title
Digital Topology a good contribution, even if it require some enhancement. It also open the discussion on connectivity in the toolkit starstarstarstarstar
ImageNetworkReader: an ITK Class for Loading Images Across a Network A very useful new image IO starstarstarstarstar
ITK Implementation Of The Minimum Error Image Thresholding Algorithm A useful automatic threshold detection starstarstarstarstar
An alternative threading model for the Insight Toolkit Some good ideas but without enough details starstarstarstarstar
A Label Geometry Image Filter for Multiple Object Measurement Important features for ITK starstarstarstarstar
Giving streaming and multi-threading capabilities to non-streamable ITK filters A great contribution for streaming and multithreading starstarstarstarstar
Meeting Andy Warhol Somewhere Over the Rainbow: RGB Colormapping and ITK Colorizing the (ITK) world starstarstarstarstar
Image Kernel Convolution An often required feature starstarstarstarstar
Morphology with parabolic structuring elements Great contribution starstarstarstarstar
N-D Linear Time Exact Signed Euclidean Distance Transform Efficient distance transform starstarstarstarstar
Optimization of connected component labelling A very good contribution, but with broken tests on my hosts starstarstarstarstar
Reader/Writer for Analyze Object Maps for ITK a review with the label object manipulation contribution in mind starstarstarstarstar
GoFigure and The Digital Fish Project: Open tools and open data for an imaging based approach to system biolgy A very promising project starstarstarstarstar
Improving performance of morphological reconstruction Efficient reconstruction filters starstarstarstarstar
itkMultipleUnlabeledImagesToLabeledImageFilter A useful review, but with some problems starstarstarstarstar
Parallel N-Dimensional Exact Signed Euclidean Distance Transform Promising contribution, but limited to dimension 3, and broken build starstarstarstarstar
A Generalized Squared Euclidean Distance Transform with Voronoi Maps A very good contribution starstarstarstarstar
Zeiss (LSM) file format support several chanels are not supported starstarstarstarstar

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