GPU Volume Ray Casting of two Volumes within VTK

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We have modified the current VTK volume rendering on GPU to allow simultaneous rendering of two volumes, each of them with its own color and opacity transfer functions.
These changes have led to the creation of two new C++ classes and several GLSL shaders. We explain the modifications made to the original classes and shaders and we discuss possible additional improvements. A C++ demo code shows how to use the new classes.
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Quick Comments
Comment by Ron Kikinis yellow
is this compatible with the gpu volume rendering in Slicer4?
Comment by Karl Krissian yellow
You would need to wrap it to java, I am not sure how to do it for new classes, a quick hack could be to add the class in the VTK source code and CMakeLists.txt, and try to wrap it with the rest of the VTK code.
Comment by Olubukola Laditan yellow
will this be available for java?

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Categories: Distributed computation, Image
Keywords: Volume Rendering, GPU
Toolkits: VTK, VTK, VTK
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